Growth and added value through efficient...

Program Launch Management:

Assure a seamless launch and realize profit.

When new programs are awarded the customer expectation seems to be impossible to meet with current in house resources. MDK Enterprises will provide an immediate value add resource to your organization to assist the team in this process or independently complete the required activity.

Advanced Product Quality Planning:

Meet & exceed your customer's expectations.

Product Quality Planning is a structured process of defining and establishing the steps necessary to assure that a product satisfies and exceeds customer expectations. MDK Enterprises will assist your team in this process or independently complete the required activity.

Business Process Development:

Time and cost savings by establishing proper communication lines understood by all involved.

Through information gathering MDK enterprises will establish a process map to seamless overall communication including: Management, Sales Force and Line employees. Proper lines of communication will then reduce time lost to lack of understanding.

Engineering Representation:

Proactively identify concerns before they become issues.

MDK Enterprises will provide third party engineering analysis to identify quality concerns and establish ownership before they become engineering issues, lost time & business.

Internal Process Audit:

Keep your organization moving forward.

All organizations must conduct internal audits at planned intervals to determine the current business system conforms to the planned arrangements or system requirements. MDK Enterprises will conduct this audit thereby allowing your employees to continue their normal duties and eliminate downtime.

International Registration (ISO, TS):

Providing a diploma to new business.

MDK Enterprises will develop your organizations business philosophy and management system to have a significant impact on its growth and survival. Registering your system to the ISO9001 or TS16949, demonstrates you have implemented a process approach to managing your business, and opens doors to new customers.

Operations Management:

See your visions realized.

With unbiased eyes and without agenda, MDK Enterprises will put the correct processes in place to assure your vision becomes a reality.

Proactive Supplier Management:

Maximize efficiency and total cost of ownership.

Our experience with a variety of systems and suppliers will allow MDK Enterprises to put the best practices or suppliers to work for your business.

Process & Product Improvement:

Increase cost-savings and profit.

MDK Enterprises will map each project and insert the best process & product to assure no additional time or money is spent.

Project Management:

Eliminate downtime, excessive freight charges and increase on-time delivery.

By managing specific projects, MDK Enterprises will identify and eliminate unnecessary steps, assuring those projects are completed on or before their due dates.

Quality Management:

Encourage team work, improve internal systems & increase customer satisfaction.

MDK Enterprises will provide a fresh eyes management resource to Develop and implement customer oriented processes within the current system while improving processes where appropriate.